paper patched lee 501-440: white muzzleloader, cva wolf

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paper patched lee 501-440: white muzzleloader, cva wolf

Post by corey on Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:26 pm

finally I got to the range. took the paper patch bullets idohoron made for me.
70grs pyrodex p
wolf: fed. fusion primers
white lighting (the gun not the drink): remington #11 (had just enough for this test)
scopes: wolf: konus 3-9 x40, white: tc 3-9 x40

50yrds white lighting, slipped right down the barrel the rifling catching the paper. shows promise

until I keyholed one

50yrds cva wolf. this gun seems to like this set up at this distance.
sight in.

forgot to load the bullet on the first shoot. shot one blank.

100yrds with the wolf, the wind picked up to 15 to 20mph, started moving my target around. but still, that is only a 6 inch target.

the recoil was not that bad at all.

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